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Tucki Mountain Area Map
The main sites of interest
in this area are:
  1. Grotto Canyon
  2. Mosaic Canyon
  3. Salt Creek
  4. Telephone Canyon
  5. Tucki Mountain
  6. Tucki Mine
  7. Tucki Wash
  8. Skidoo
  9. Blackwater Wash
The Tucki Mountain area is the most northern portion of the Panamint Range. It covers a huge amount of area with points of interest quite spread out. Popular tourist destinations include Mosaic Canyon, Grotto Canyon, and Salt Creek. Other points of interest include Telephone Canyon, Tucki Mine, and Skidoo. A bit more difficult to reach are Tucki Mountain, Tucki Wash, and Blackwater Wash. There are several dirt roads in the area. Many of the sites can be visited by traveling on graded dirt roads, but a few of these sites are quite remote.