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South Argus Range Area Map

The main sites of interest in this area are:

  1. Pioneer Point
  2. Mouth of Wilson Canyon
  3. Trona
The main site of interest in Wilson Canyon is probably Christmas Tree Springs. The springs consists of a pipe from which water constantly trickles into a small pool. A cottonwood tree grows next to this pool. The BLM recently blocked vehicular access to the spring and so you have to walk a couple of hundred feet now to reach it. A tunnel is located right next to the springs. To reach Wilson Canyon drive to the corrals in Pioneer Point and follow the dirt road that extends beyond the corrals. (To get to the corrals turn west at the Trails Restaurant and drive to the top of Cedar Street. Take the final right near the top onto 3rd Street, which takes you north a couple hundred yards to the corrals.)

There is a little more of the Argus Range to the south that is not shown on the map. There are some sites that may be of interest to some in the extreme southern portion of the range.