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Revenue Canyon Area Map
The main sites of interest in this area are:
  1. Unnamed Canyon to North
  2. North Fork Revenue Canyon
  3. South Fork Revenue Canyon
  4. Unnamed Canyon to South
  5. Quarry at End of Nadeau Road
Both the south and north forks of Revenue Canyon can be reached by taking a dirt road that starts at the limestone quarry located at the end of Nadeau Road. There is also a road the enters the area from Snow Canyon, however, that road has been blocked by the BLM.

The road in south fork of Revenue Canyon ends at a mine. The tailings pile here is fairly extensive and the tunnel looks like it might be deep, but I was hiking and trying to cover as much ground as possible and so I didn't have time to explore the tunnel. About three hundred yards before the main mine are the remains of a cabin and about one hundred yards before the cabin is another tunnel.

Revenue Canyon is an exceptionally wettest canyon. There are at least three major springs. Growing in the wet areas of Revenue Canyon were a lot of thistle plants. Some of these plants were about ten feet tall.

About a mile and a half up the south fork of Revenue Canyon from the quarry is an old millsite. Oddly, this site is not shown on the Revenue Canyon quadrangle map. A tunnel sits far up the slope from the mill and it is represented on the quadrangle. Also, a short distance up the canyon from the millsite there is a spring, but it isn't shown on the map either. This is especially strange because it seems to be a substantial spring as shown by the abundance of reeds and water flowing down the road for a couple hundred yards below them. Also lots of sections of four inch pipe are strewn throughout the canyon.

The Copper Jack mine marker was found about a half mile from the mill, up a side canyon.