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Reilly/Water Area Map
The main sites of interest in this area are:
  1. Reilly
  2. Kitty Litter Mine
  3. Mouth to Water Canyon
  4. Wet Fork of Water Canyon
  5. End of Road out of Water
The Reilly / Water Canyon area is the southern most portion of the Argus Range in Panamint Valley. It has a number of interesting hiking destinations. It is possible to drive up to Reilly, the Kitty Litter Mine, and to the mouth of Water Canyon. Vehicular access to Water Canyon is prohibited, however it's a great place for a hike! One way to access Water Canyon is from the McDermott area listed on the Bruce Canyon page.

Several years ago Doc Cole gave me a packet of information on Reilly, who was an active prospector in the Water Canyon area. He attached a note which reads:

          This is the Reilly Mill Ruins on the west
        side of Panamint Valley, commonly referred to as
        the Anthony Mill Ruins. Actually the Anthony Mill
        Ruins are in Pleasant Canyon, east of Ballarat.