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Isham Canyon Area Map

The main sites of interest
in this area are:
  1. Stockwell Mine
  2. Isham Canyon
  3. Manly Pass
  4. Fish Canyon
A dirt road passes through the Slate Range from Searles Valley to Panamint Valley in this area. On the Panamint Valley side it travels through Fish Canyon and on the Searles Valley side it travels through Goff Canyon. Alternately a dirt road (requiring rock-crawling skills and equipment) connects to this road via Isham Canyon.


Fish Story
I found the Fish Canyon story and the Escape Trail markers kind of surprising the first time I visited Fish Canyon back in the mid-1990s. The signs tell the story of Father Fish, Reverend Brier, and the Bennett and Arcane party. The Escape Trail markers trace the route which the Bennett-Arcane party took on their escape from Death Valley and their search for water. Fish Canyon leads up to Manly Pass which leads to Isham Canyon and Searles Valley.

Chess Canyon
Chess Canyon is located near Fish Canyon on the Panamint Valley side of the Slate Range. Fish Canyon can be accessed via rough dirt road from Panamint Valley or from Searles Valley. Chess Canyon must be accessed by foot. There is a foot trail which starts in the Slate Range and continues down to the floor of Panamint Valley.

Stockwell Mine
The Stockwell Mine is a highly developed collection of tunnels and shafts which are spread out over an area about a half mile long and a quarter mile wide. There are two main areas to mine - the upper area which appears to be older and the lower area which includes three main tunnels. Across the canyon from the upper workings (to the west) are several prospects and smaller tunnels.

Aires Mine
This shaft is located just west of the Stockwell Mine. Actually it's just over the hill from the Stockwell and up a side canyon from the road that leads to Fish Canyon.

On February 7, 2006, a 4-month-old puppy was rescued from this mine. It was trapped approximately 38 feet down the shaft for 12 hours. The dog's name was Connor. It was rescued by Trona Fire Department Station 127 and PETA even issued its "Compassionate Lifesaver" Award to the station manager for the efforts of the rescue workers.

Isham Canyon
There is a road going up Isham Canyon, but the last half mile of it is more like an obstacle course than an actual road. It would take a rock-crawler to get through this section of the canyon and tire tracks and broken brake lights indicate that some people do test their rigs here. Isham Canyon ends at Manly Pass. It is also possible to get to Manly Pass via a sideroad from the road leading to Fish Canyon.