Many of my YouTube videos are shot in Searles Valley, Panamint Valley, or elsewhere in the Death Valley region. Sometimes the videos focus on animals or plants and other times the landscape just serves as a back drop fro the video. Some of the videos are somewhat funny and some are close up looks at critters in one way or the other. Check out a couple if you'd like! Click on a thumbnail to watch video.

Daypack Song - Includes a tarantula near Sidehill Spring and the Mohawk Mine. (November 2010)
Nectar of the Gods - Bear Poppy plants in Corridor Canyon. (May 2010)
Rosy Boa - This snake was found near Zinc Hill not too far from Darwin. (May 2010)
Death Valley Flowers - These flowers were located near the southern end of Death Valley. (April 2010)
Hang Out With Donkeys - This group of seventeen donkeys was hanging out near Slate Range Crossing. (February 2010)
Tarantula! - This tarantula was encountered near the mouth of Knight Canyon in the Argus Range. (October 2009)
Raw Meat - This is a forty second synopsis of a hike into Shepherd Canyon in the Argus Wilderness area. (September 2009)
Vicious Donkey - A bunch of donkeys wondering around aimlessly in Pleasant Canyon. (July 2006)
Plant Hunter - Spoof of an intro for a outdoor show called "Plant Hunter" shot near Porter Peak in the Panamint Range. (June 2009)
Tarantula 2006 - Large spider encountered just south of the Ophir Mine in Searles Valley. (October 2006)
Slacker G2 - Contest video shot near the Kooper King Cabin on the Argus Range side of Panamint Valley. (May 2009)
Damage - Panamint Daisies growing above Jail Canyon in Panamint Range. (April 2009)
Slither - Just a snake in my backyard in the Searles Valley. (March 2009)
Tarantula 2005 - This tarantula was encountered a couple miles east of Slate Range Crossing. (October 2005)
Office Space - The old trailer in this video is located at the Seventh Heaven mine claim near Shepherd Canyon. (February 2009)
Snakey Snake - Quite an assortment of snakes found in Searles Valley and Panamint Valley. Although this video was posted in February 2009, it contains clips from as far back as 2005.
Tarantula 2009 - This spider was spotted in the Slate Range about three miles east of Slate Range Crossing. (January 2009)
Coyote Melon (Plant Freak Song) - The plants shown in this video were found in the very wet north fork of Water Canyon in the Argus Wilderness Area. (October 2007)
Tarantula 2008 - This spider was encountered near the mouth of Bruce Canyon in Searles Valley. (October 2008)
Shake That Donkey - A collection of donkey clips taken over the last few years. (January 2009)
Subscription Song - This video was shot at a remote cabin located in the Argus Range. (May 2006)
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