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If you're passing through Trona there are a few places you might want to stop either for a quick break, to grab a bite to eat, to purchase supplies, or out of curiosity. This page includes images of gas stations, museums, stores, restaurants, and a couple other interesting landmarks, including the conveniently located rest area. These sites are presented more or less in south to north order with the first two images representing locations in Argus, the next fourteen images locations in Trona, and the last four Pioneer Point. Often the entire town is just called Trona, but just as often the section or community names are used.

Argus Fire Station #126 Museum
- Right across the street from the Trona Shell in Argus (south of the railway crossing).

Trona Shell (closed)
- Many people refer to the entire area as Trona and although this gas station is in Argus, it has Trona in its name.

Valero Signs
- Located on Trona Road about a half mile north of the railway crossing. Now a Kwik Serv station.

Valero Pumps
- Inside the building is a small market with a deli section which serves sandwiches. Now a Kwik Serv station.

- South side of building housing Rite-Value Market. Not open for business.

Rest Area
- Rest area located on the east side of the highway in the middle of Trona near Rite-Valley Market.

Museum Mural
- Mural painted on the east side of the Old Guest House Museum.

Replica Sign
- Historical reproduction of old sign displayed in Trona.

Old Guest House Museum
- Lots of items of historical interest on display in this building.

Austin Hall
- Plaque at site of historic building which was at one time considered to be the hub of Trona.

Small Park
- This small park is located just across the street from Esparzas Family Restaurant and the site of Austin Hall.

Esparzas Family Restaurant
- Located in the old movie theater building. Permanently closed.

Family Dollar
- Fully refurbished store located in the middle of Trona. Closed following earthquakes in July of 2019.

Gem and Mineral Society
- The annual Gem and Mineral Show takes place in these buildings.

Trona Railway
- Old caboose and lots of equipment on display just off Trona Road.

Trona Community Church
- Particularly attractive building by highway in the middle of town.

Water Tower
- Interesting assortment of artwork on display near water tower at south end of Pioneer Point.

Pinnacle Inn
- Motel located on Trona Road in the middle of Pioneer Point a short. Closed.

Trails Drive In
- Great food and clean restrooms, but not open on Sundays!

Pioneer Point Market
- Located just across the parking lot from Trails Drive In.