Most of the images presented here feature snakes encountered in either Searles Valley or Panamint Valley. However, some of the specimens shown here were photographed Death Valley, the Sierra Nevadas, or Nevada. For obvious reasons it is important to keep an eye open for rattlesnakes while hiking through the desert. The tendency is to assume that a snake is potentially dangerous until sure that it is a safe species!
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Slate Range Xing Gopher Snake - Gopher Snake near Slate Range Xing. (March 2011)

Ulida Area Gopher - Gopher snake in high area between Racetrack Valley and Hunter Mountain. (June 2010)

Ulida Area Rattler - Rattlesnake on ridge above Ulida Flat. (June 2010)

Rattlesnake - Ill-tempered, venomous serpant near Hidden Valley. (May 2010)

Rosy Boa - Rosy Boa in canyon near foot of Argus Range. (May 2010)

Sunning Snake - Snake sunning on rock near mouth of Lemoigne Canyon. (May 2010) (Coachwhip)

Bendire Rattler - Rattlesnake in Bendire Canyon. (May 2009)

Bundy Boa #1 - Rosy Boa in Bundy Canyon before coiling up. (April 2009)

Bundy Boa #2 - Rosy Boa in Bundy Canyon in defensive coil. (April 2009)

Panamint Rattlesnake - Panamint Rattlesnake on ridge north of Snow Canyon. (June 2008)

Tuber Rattlesnake - Rattlesnake in Tuber Canyon. I didn't quite get my camera started fast enough! (May 2008)

King Snake - King snake in north fork of Revenue Canyon. (June 2008)

Water Canyon Snake - Gopher snake in Water Canyon. (March 18, 2007)

Bendire Canyon Snake Snake in canyon south of Bendire Canyon. (October 2006)

Baby Rattler - Baby rattlesnake about a mile up the canyon from the Big Four Mine. (March 2006)

Pinnacles Snake - Rattlesnake coiled up under rock at Trona Pinnacles. (March 24, 2006)

Rattlesnake - Rattlesnake photographed near mouth of canyon in Slate Range about a mile northwest of Isham Canyon.

Jarbidge Snake - Snake found along the trail a couple miles from Jarbidge. (Wandering Garter Snake)

Searles Valley Rosy - This snake was found in the Slate Range in a canyon a bit south of the Ophir Mine.