Signs, Memorials, and Plaques
There are lots of historical markers all around the Death Valley area, that's for sure! There is plenty of history in the area and many sites have special significance. As a result, various individuals, groups, and organizations have decided that markers of various types should be erected to commemorate or to educate the public. Some of the markers serve as memorials to individuals of local significance. There are lots of different markers, signs, memorials, and plaques throughout the area. Click on a thumbnail or click here for quick view of the signs, monuments, and plaques collection!

Gower Gulch - Sign at trail crossing connecting Golden Canyon and Gower Gulch.
Teakettle Junction - Quite a collection of teakettles!
Darwin - Historic information about town of Darwin.
Father Crowley - Information sign at Father Crowley viewpoint.
Valley Wells (close view) - This historic marker is located about three miles north of the boundary between San Bernardino County and Inyo County on Highway 178. This image is difficult to read due to an abundance of bird droppings that have dripped down the face of the plaque.
Valley Wells (full view) - The Slate Range and the Valley Wells facility is shown behind the stone monument.
Austin Hall (close view) - This plaque tells the story of Austin Hall, which was removed in 1965, but was an important part of the history of Trona.
Austin Hall (full view) - The Austin Hall historical marker is located right in front of the main entrance to the chemical plant near the Trona Museum.
Father Fish - Memorial with information about Father Fish. Location: Fish Canyon, Slate Range.
Fish Story (part one) - The story of the Escape Trail and Fish Canyon.
Fish Story (part two) - Part two of the coninuing saga.
Fish Story (part three) - Some important dates.
Fish Story (part four) - The Silent Sepulcre and Bennett and Arcane.
Roger's Pass - Sign at top of Pleasant Canyon.
Searles Valley Sign - This is the normal sign encountered when driving into Searles Valley.
Movie Sign - During the filming of "Just Add Water" (aka, "One Part Sugar") the movie company replaced the Searles Valley sign with this "Trona" sign.
Landmark Register - Department of Interior Plate dated 1968.
Reilly Ruins Info - Informational sign at Reilly site.
Diatom Plus - Whittaker sign and mounds of white stuff.
Sea Silica Sign - Sign near Kitty Litter Mine.
Lookout Info Sign - Historical information regarding Lookout City.
Military Sign - Gate warning against trespassing.
Wildrose Trailhead - Sign at beginning of trail next to kilns.
Bad Water - Picture of Sea Level sign taken at Bad Water.
McDermott Marker - Marker in memory of local miner.
Weston Marker - Memorial marker with top of crossing in background.
Mengel Pass - Memorial to Carl Mengel (1868-1944).
No Fishing! - Sign on outhouse at Russell Camp.
Larry Alexander - Memorial along crest of Panamint Range.
James McKay - Grave marker or memorial.
Teakettle Junction - The sign with all the tea kettles on it.
Badwater Basin - 282 feet below sea level!
20 Mule Team - Information sign about route used to haul borax.
Harmony Borax Works - Discovery of borax in Death Valley in 1881 by Aaron Winters.
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