There are nice outhouses and there are rickety outhouses. There are stinky outhouses and there are clean outhouses. There are new ones and there are old ones. Some are boring and generic and others have style and charm. Although they may not be fun to use, they are fun to look at! Click on a thumbnail or click here for quick view of the outhouse collection!

Saline Valley Road - Outhouse near North Pass on road to Saline Valley. (June 2011)
Buckhorn Box Car Outhouse - Facilities near Lee Flat next to interesting cabin. (June 2010)
Lost Burro Outhouse - Leaning outhouse about to fall over. (June 2010)
Lemoigne Canyon Outhouse - Interesting motto above entrance to this one-seater! (April 2010)
Kopper King Yellow - Someone decided to paint this classic a bright yellow! (February 2010)
Argus Range near Reilly - The Cat Scratch outhouse near end of road south of Kitty Litter Mine. (October 2008)
A Canyon Outhouse - Outhouse in "A Canyon" near Wildrose Peak. (August 2007)
South Park Outhouse - Outhouse behind cabin in South Park. (August 2007)
Briggs Number One - Outhouse at Briggs Cabin in lower South Park Canyon. (August 2007)
Briggs Number Two - Second outhouse at Briggs Camp looking down South Park Canyon. (August 2007)
No Fishing! - Outhouse at Russell Camp. (August 8, 2007)
No Door! - Outhouse in Trail Canyon. (July 18, 2007)
Strozzi Ranch Outhouse - Generic Park Service outhouse at the Strozzi Ranch. (August 15, 2006)
Happy Outhouse - The facilities in Happy Canyon next to Weston Cabin. (June 06, 2006)
Rita's Outhouse - Rita's Outhouse in Pleasant Canyon. (June 21, 2006)
World Beater Outhouse - Great place for a rest stop in Pleasant Canyon. (June 21, 2006)
Kopper King Outhouse - Located just behind the cabin with the same name. (September 4, 2006)
Minnietta Outhouse - Resourceful use of available materials! (Spring 2006)
Mount Duffer Outhouse - Rustic outhouse located near Mount Duffer, Nevada. (Summer 2004)
SST - Sweet Smelling Toilet. (Summer 2004)
Jail Number One - Really messed up outhouse in Jail Canyon. (June 28, 2006)
Jail Number Two - Better of the two outhouses in Jail Canyon. (June 28, 2006)
Idaho Outhouse #1 - An old outhouse somewhere in Idaho. (Summer 2004)
Idaho Outhouse #2 - Another old outhouse somewhere in Idaho. (Summer 2004)
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