Most of the images available here feature lizards and tortoises spotted in and around Searles Valley. However, some of the specimens shown here were photographed in Panamint Valley, Death Valley, the Sierra Nevadas, or Nevada. I wound up with this collection of pictures, less because I find lizards and tortoises incredibly interesting and more because they are one of the few things that will allow me to get close enough and stay still long enough for me to snap a shot!
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Slate Range Xing Tortoise - Tortoise near Slate Range Xing. (September 2010)

Malpais Mesa Lizard - Lizard near Rosa Peak. (June 2010)

Titus Lizard - Lizard hanging out at Leadfield. (May 2010) (Side-blotched Lizard)

Chuckawalla - Chuckawalla in rocks near Klare Spring in Titus Canyon. (April 2010)

Shepherd #1 - Horny Toad near mouth of Shepherd Canyon. (August 2009)

Shepherd #2 - Another view of Horny Toad near mouth of Shepherd Canyon. (August 2009)

Zinc Hill Horny Toad - Horny Toad on Zinc Hill. (May 2009)

Stone Canyon Lizard - Lizard on ridge above Stone Canyon. (March 2009) (Western Fence Lizard)

Copper Queen Tortoise - Tortoise near mouth of Copper Queen Canyon. (April 2008)

Argus Rocks Lizard - A lizard sitting very still on a rock. (April 2008) (female Side-blotched Lizard)

Dunes Lizard - Lizard near Panamint Dunes. (March 19, 2008) (Desert Iguana)

Wood Canyon Lizard - Lizard with blue belly at mouth of Wood Canyon. (August 29, 2007) (Zebra-tailed Lizard)

Emigrant Lizard - Lizard near roadside ruins along Emigrant Road. (July 13, 2006) (Zebra-tailed Lizard)

Hall Canyon Lizard - Lizard in Hall Canyon. (June 28, 2006) (Western Fence Lizard)

Lookout Lizard - Lizard near ruins at Lookout City. (April 19, 2006) (Side-blotched Lizard)

Back Yard Lizard - Lizard shown on rocks in my backyard in Pioneer Point. (Side-blotched Lizard)

Bruce Canyon Lizard - Lizard on a boulder somewhere in Bruce Canyon. (Side-blotched Lizard)

Dark Lizard - Lizard somewhere in Searles Valley. (Western Whiptail)

Gold Bottom Lizard - Lizard in wash about a half mile up the canyon from the Gold Bottom Mine. (Zebra-tailed Lizard)

Green Lizard - Lizard found near Upper Garden in Indian Joe Canyon. (Great Basin Collared Lizard)

Horny Toad - Horny toad in Nevada very near Death Valley boundary.

Slate Range Lizard - Lizard found near canyon mouth in Slate Range somewhere north of Gold Bottom Canyon and south of the Ophir Mine. (Great Basin Collared Lizard - juvenile)

Red Dot Lizard - Lizard found near Christmas Tree Spring in Wilson Canyon. (Desert Spiny Lizard)

Lizard on Shirt - Lizard photographed at the onyx mine located about three-quarters of a mile west of Slate Range Crossing. (Western Whiptail)

Jefferson Creek Lizard - This stout fellow was photographed in Nevada along the trail to Mt. Jefferson. (Western Fence Lizard)

Argus Peak Lizard - This lizard was trying to hide in a crack in a rock on Argus Peak. (Western Fence Lizard)

Zebratail - This lizard was scurrying around in the wash in Copper Queen Canyon when he stopped just long enough for me to snap his picture. (Zebra-Tailed Lizard)

Searles Valley Lizard - This lizard was found in the Slate Range in a canyon a bit south of the Ophir Mine. (Side-Blotched Lizard - male)