Most of the images presented here feature donkeys and horses encountered in either Searles Valley or Panamint Valley. However, some of the animals shown here were photographed in or around Death Valley. There are a lot of donkeys in Searles Valley and Panamint Valley, and even through the park service attempts to keep them out of the park, they show up there also fairly frequently.
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Two-Headed Donkey - A couple donkeys near Ash Hill. (March 2010)

Stone Canyon Donkeys - Donkeys at Stone (aka, Jack Gunn) Canyon. (March 2009)

Horse Near Bruce - This horse was hanging out in a canyon north of Bruce Canyon. (February 2009)

Great Falls Donkeys #1 - Three donkeys hanging out at Great Falls Basin. (December 2007)

Great Falls Donkey - A single donkey standing behind a rock in Great Falls Basin. (December 2007)

Great Falls Donkeys #2 - A pair of donkeys hanging out at Great Falls Basin. (December 2007)

White Horse #1 - A white horse hanging out at Great Falls Basin. (December 2007)

White Horse #2 - Another picture of white horse. (December 2007)

White Horse #3 - Yet another picture of white horse. (December 2007)

Knight Canyon Donkey - A donkey hanging out along the road above Knight Canyon. (October 2007)

Wood Canyon Donkeys - A group of three donkeys at the mouth of Wood Canyon in Argus Range. (September 2007)

Panamint Donkeys #1 - A group of seven donkeys at Middle Park in Panamint Mountains. (August 2007)

Panamint Donkeys #2 - Donkeys hanging out at Middle Park. (August 2007)

Chimney Guards - Donkeys at Panamint City near sixty foot chimney. (August 2007)

PC Donkeys - Close up of Chimney Guards in Surprise Canyon. (August 2007)

Hall Canyon Donkey - Donkey in Hall Canyon. (June 2006)

Donkey #1 - Donkey in Jack Gunn Canyon. (April 2006)

Donkey #2 - Donkeys at Stockwell Mine. (Winter 2004)

Water Canyon Donkey - Donkey near Water Canyon, Thanksgiving Day, 2005.

Donkey #4 - Donkey between Darwin Falls and Darwin (the town). (Spring 2002)

Horse - Horse on pasture in Lone Pine, CA. (Spring 2005)

Wild Horses - Wild horses near Bruce Canyon. (Spring 2006)