Most of the images presented here feature critters encountered in either Searles Valley or Panamint Valley. However, some of the specimens shown here were photographed Death Valley, the Sierra Nevadas, or Nevada. It's always fun to see most any kind of critter. Whether in the desert or in the mountains, spotting one of these little varmits is kind of neat. Usually they run off before I can get my camera ready to take their picture, but sometimes I get lucky and snap a shot before they get away! Other times I'm real lucky and get some video.
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Raven - Raven hanging out in the middle of Trona. (June 2003)

Darwin Pack Rat - Small rodent near Darwin. (May 2010)

Bendire Chukar - Chukar in Bendire Canyon. (May 2009)

Argus Rocks Vulture - A vulture looking for a snack. (April 2008)

Chloride City Rabbit - Rabbit at Chloride City. (July 2007)

Slate Range Owl - Owl near Isham Canyon. (October 2006)

Reilly Jack Rabbit - Rabbit near Reilly. (September 2006)

Eureka Rabbit - Rabbit near the Eureka Mine. (July 2006)

Sentinel Peak Deer - Deer on Sentinel Peak. (July 2006)

Chukar - Chukar near Water Canyon in the Argus Range Wilderness Area. (Fall 2004)

Coyote #1 - Coyote near Slate Range Crossing. (April 2006)

Coyote #2 - Another coyote near Slate Range Crossing. (April 2006)

Rabbit - Rabbit in Jack Gunn Canyon. (April 2006)

Rodent - Rodent in Idaho... a marmot or something. (Summer 2004)

Squirrel - Squirrel in tree south of St. Maries. (Summer 2004)

Deer #1 - Deer near Crankshaft Junction. (Spring 2004)

Deer #2 - Deer at Jefferson Creek, Nevada. (Summer 2004)

Deer #3 - Deer in Schell Range, Nevada. (Summer 2004)

Cows - Cows near Mt. Duffer, Nevada. (Summer 2004)

Marmot - Marmot in Sierra Nevadas. (Summer 2004)

Chipmunk - Chipmunk in White Mountains. (Summer 2004)

Bunnies - Bunnies near Beaumont, CA. (Spring 2006)

Ducks - Ducks near Beaumont, CA. (Spring 2006)

Frog - Frog near Beaumont, CA. (Spring 2006)

Squirrel - Squirrel near Beaumont, CA. (Spring 2006)

Quail - Quail in Trona, CA. (May 2006)