When out exploring around the desert in the Death Valley and Northern Mojave area it is not at all uncommon to come across some old cars and trucks. Often these relics are barely recognizable hunks of scrap metal, but it's hard to resist stopping to take a quick look at them. Click on a thumbnail or click here for quick view of the old cars collection!

Old Junker - Remains of some kind of vehicle on ridge west of Ulida Flat. (June 2010)
Indian Joe Car - Rusty body of old car near mouth of Indian Joe Canyon. (April 2010)
Darwin Water Truck - Old yellow truck parked at Darwin. (May 2010)
Lippincott Roadster - Rusted old automobile frame at Lippincott Mine. (May 2010)
Inyo Rig - Old rig located just north of the Inyo County line in Searles Valley. (April 2009)
Isham Canyon Truck - Thrashed truck near turn off to Isham Canyon. (November 2008)
Tuber Canyon Car - Old junk car near minesite below mouth of Tuber Canyon. (May 2008)
Lake Hill Car #1 - Two cars with Lake Hill in the background. (March 2008)
Lake Hill Car #2 - Another view of the cars near Lake Hill. (March 2008)
Argenta Mine Car #1 - Old junker at Argenta Mine Camp in Wood Canyon. (August 2007)
Argenta Mine Car #2 - Another old junker at Argenta Mine Camp. (August 2007)
Argenta Mine Car #3 - Yet another old junker at Argenta Mine site. (August 2007)
Argenta Mine Car #4 - They left a lot of cars at the Argenta Mine site! (August 2007)
Argenta Steering Wheel #1 - Close up of steering wheel of car at Argenta Mine. (August 2007)
Argenta Steering Wheel #2 - Another view of steering wheel. (August 2007)
Clair Camp Buggy - Old buggy at Clair Camp in Pleasant Canyon. (August 2007)
Munched Auto - Munched Auto at north end of Middle Park. (August 2007)
Middle Park Truck #1 - Old truck on ridge between Middle Park and South Park. (August 2007)
Middle Park Truck #2 - Another view of truck on ridge. (August 2007)
South Park Truck - Old truck at mine camp in South Park. (August 2007)
Russell Junker - Old junker behind the outhouse at Russell Camp. (August 2007)
Surprise VW Van - Old VW van at Chris Wicht's Camp, aka Novak's Camp, in Surprise Canyon. (August 2007)
Surprise Tractor - Old tractor at Chris Wicht's Camp. (August 2007)
Surprise Truck - Old truck at Chris Wicht's Camp. (August 2007)
Green Truck - Green truck above falls in Surprise Canyon. (August 2007)
PC Truck - Old truck at Panamint City. (August 2007)
Thompson Car - Old car at Thompson Camp in Surprise Canyon. (August 2007)
Knight Canyon Tractor - Tractor in Knight Canyon. (June 2007)
Chloride City Car Frame - Car Frame at Chloride City. (July 2007)
Blue Bell Tractor - Tractor at Blue Bell Millsite. (July 2007)
Pleasant Canyon Truck #1 - Old junk truck in Pleasant Canyon. (June 2006)
Pleasant Canyon Truck #2 - Another old junk truck in Pleasant Canyon. (June 2006)
Jackpot Canyon Car - Old car in Jackpot Canyon. (Spring 2006)
Ballarat Truck - Old jeep-style truck at Ballarat. (Summer 2006)
Jail Canyon Truck #1 - Green truck in Jail Canyon. (Summer 2006)
Jail Canyon Truck #2 - Yellow truck in Jail Canyon. (Summer 2006)
Eureka Mine Car - Old car near Eureka Mine. (Summer 2006)
Skidoo Car - Remains of car near Skidoo. (Summer 2006)
Trail Canyon Truck #1 - Green truck in Trail Canyon. (July 2007)
Trail Canyon Truck #2 - Rusty truck in Trail Canyon. (July 2007)
Argus Dunes Car - Old car near Argus Dunes.
Slate Range Car - Car near Slate Range Crossing. (Spring 2006)
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