Bugs are all around and sometimes they are interesting enough to snap a photograph of. I'm sure there are people who take a lot of pictures of bugs, but I just take a few every now and then when I see something that I find especially interesting. Click on a thumbnail or click here for quick view of the bugs collection!

Sidehill Tarantula - Large spider at mouth of canyon containing Sidehill Spring. (November 2010)
Jail Canyon Scorpion - Scorpion up the canyon from mining relics. (April 2009)
Bruce Canyon Tarantula - Tarantula found near the mouth of Bruce Canyon. (October 2008)
Pleasant Canyon Bug - These noisy bugs were all over the place in the upper portion of Pleasant Canyon. (June 2008)
Ophir Grasshopper - A grasshopper in a bush on a ridge near the Ophir Mine in Searles Valley. (June 2008)
Argus Peak Bug - Weird bug in hole on way down from Argus Peak. (May 2008)
Tuber Canyon Lady Bug - Lady bug in Tuber Canyon. (May 2008)
Ladybugs - Ladybugs on top of Grapevine Peak (August 2006)
White Spider - White spider on flower in Hall Canyon. (June 2006)
Scorpion - Scorpion near Lookout City. (April 2006)
Slate Tarantula - Tarantula in Slate Range about a mile east of highway.
Copper Queen Tarantula - Tarantula in Copper Queen Canyon.
Ubehebe Worms - Worms on ridge near Ubehebe Peak.
Red and Black Bug - Interesting bug found along ridge of Slate Range near one of the transceiver stations.
Wasp Nest - Wasp nest in Bruce Canyon.
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