• Plant Morphology - Information on leaf shapes, inflorescence types, plant families, and other botanical topics.
  • Plant Communities - Descriptions and images pertaining to plants which are associated with various environmental conditions.
  • Food, Gas, and Lodging - Listings of support services available to those exploring Death Valley NP.
  • Plant Quizzer - Test your ability to identify various plants commonly found in the Death Valley area!
  • Death Valley Area Hikes - Hiking around Death Valley can be quite an adventure. There are many well-developed trails, but there are also many hikes that traverse poorly maintained trails as well as some that require some route-finding skills. This section includes route descriptions for hikes in and around Death Valley NP.

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A pamphlet published by the Death Valley Natural History Association titled Wildflowers of Death Valley National Park and the Mojave Desert was also very useful.
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Death Valley Books:
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